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I once said that everything is irrevocable. Let me revise that. 

Everything is irrevocable, up to a certain point.

I thought that no matter what, you can forgive someone, insofar as that when they are ready to apologize, they are able to explain, reason and answer questions openly and wholeheartedly. But can one really be completely open? What good will that do anyone? If being open helps to build trust, can one deflect and get to the same point of trust? Does withholding information suit the other party to a greater degree? Governments work this way; withholding top secret information, for the betterment of society. 

I believe that honesty fits everyone, but misdirection suits some people and some situations much better. 

We mind as well take the chance to be open. It will probably cut down on the chances of being hypocritical down the road.